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Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra clear glass is exceptionally clear glass, due to the Low Iron content. Ultra clear glass is the ideal solution when light transmittance and color neutrality are important. Think of applications like facades of shops, doors, and greenhouses where light transmittance and transparency are important. The difference between Ultra Clear glass and (normal) clear float glass is the following. Iron in the glass is what gives clear glass it’s typical greenish tint. With Ultra Clear, the glass will not have the typical greenish tint of clear glass. In addition, the edge of the Ultra Clear Glass is white transparent, compared to the typical greenish edge of clear glass.

Ultra clear glass from Benxi Yujing Glass will be available mid-2019.

→ Interested in Ultra Clear glass? Please contact us for more information.

Thickness3mm - 12mm
Sizestandard and custom sizes
Edgestandard or side-grinding