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Clear Float Glass

Our first-rate clear float glass is made of high-quality silica sands and other raw materials from Northeast China.

With our advanced float process, our clear float glass is very clear (>89% light transmittance), has a uniform thickness, and is 100% distortion free. We apply strict quality control and for Europe, we produce our clear float glass according to the CE EN 572 norm

Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra clear glass is exceptionally clear glass, due to the Low Iron content. Ultra clear glass is the ideal solution when light transmittance and color neutrality are important. Think of applications like facades of shops, doors, and greenhouses where light transmittance and transparency are important.

Laminated Glass

At Yujing Glass we manufacture laminated glass with PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) as the interlayer. We can produce high impact resistance laminated glass that is double or triple layered. For Europe, we produce our laminated glass according to the CE EN 14449 norm


Tempered Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass that when broken, crumbles in small chunks instead of glass shards, reducing the risk of injury. We use the best available equipment to process our tempered glass. We have a very high production capacity and for Europe, we produce our Tempered glass according to the CE EN 12150-2:2004 norm.

Silver Mirror

Benxi Yujing produces first-rate Silver mirrors. We manufacture high-quality Double Silver Coating Mirror and the environmentally friendly “Copper Free” Silver mirror. For Europe, we produce our Mirror according to the EN 1036 norm

Aluminum Mirror

Benxi Yujing produces first-rate aluminum mirror. We produce single and double layered Aluminum Mirror. • Customers can add their Own Logo on the mirror and for Europe, we produce our mirror according to the EN 1036 norm