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Packaging & Loading

At Benxi Yujing Glass, we use strong wooden packaging to ensure that our glass and mirrors can be transported safely to our customers around the world.

For Tempered glass, we have highly trained loading teams, to ensure that the glass in the wooden crates is loaded correctly and safely, which is our utmost priority.

If you have any questions or special requirements for packaging, please contact us for more information.

See below images and videos to get an impression of our packaging and loading team! 

Details of our protective packaging method for our glass and mirrors:

Tempered and Laminated glass, and Mirrors
1. Protective paper, 2. Cardboard for the corners, 3. Plastic foil, 4. Plywood crates

Clear float glass
1. Protective powder, 2. Cardboard for the corners, 3. Plastic foil, 4. Plywood crates

wooden crates
Loading crates in container
Loading crates in container
Wooden crates in container
Glass being loaded at the factory