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Clear Float Glass

Clear Float Glass

Our clear float glass is made of high-quality silica sands and other raw materials from Northeast China. With our advanced float process and strict quality control, our clear float glass is very clear (>89% light transmittance), has a uniform thickness and color, and is 100% distortion free.

Quality control:
• Bubbles = 15% more strict vs. China National Glass Standards.
• Scratches = 700% more strict
• Side breakage = 500% more strict
• Length and width tolerance = 33% more strict

Key features:
• Our own quality standard is much higher than the Chinese National Standards.
• For Europe, we produce our clear float glass according to the EN 572-9:2004 norm.

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Thickness3mm - 12mm
Size60+ standard size & custom sizes
Edgestandard or side-grinding