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About Us

Benxi Yujing Glass is located in Northeast China. We have 4 float lines and specialize in producing tempered glass, laminated glass and silver mirror that meets international (European) standards.

To improve our service and communication with our international customers, we recently opened our Europe Office, in the Netherlands.

Part of the Hebei Yingxin Glass Group, established in 1993. The Yingxin Group is one of the largest float glass manufacturers in China with 14 float lines.

Our Products

Our clear float glass is made under strict quality control with advanced float technology and meets EN 572 norm …

Exceptionally clear glass, due to the Low Iron content. Available from summer 2019 …

Our PVB Laminated glass is produced according to the EN 14449 norm …

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass. We produce Tempered glass according to the EN 12150 norm …

Our high-quality Silver mirror 100% distortion free. For Europe, we produce our Mirror according to the EN 1036 norm …

Our first-rate aluminum mirror is 100% distortion free. For Europe, we produce our Mirror according to the EN 1036 norm 

Packaging & loading

We use high-quality wooden packaging and professional loading to ensure that the glass arrives safely to our international customers.


An overview of projects where our glass has been used in.

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